Contemplating Jesus


Posted on by Lucinda M. Vardey



There was a time like now
A time when God warned
of earth’s great flood
and Noah built an ark
to wait for God’s sign.

There was a time
when other signs were asked for
a miracle or two
But no sign was given
except the One who promised
something else.

It was a time of suffering,
of not knowing
of resting in the storm
amid the chaos
that God’s will
was being done.

A time like other times
when plagues and wars
brought near the chance
of death
and many hearts
were weeping.

It was this time
He knew well and when He came
He walked from place to place
to meet the sick, the troubled,
the outcast, the unbeliever
those who had forgotten God
or mistook God for something else.

It was a short time
he lived among the people
his life taken at youth
with slander and disgrace
unjustly accused
sold for silver
nailed to a cross
dying with burglars.

It was a short time
after He rose
when the Spirit
unleashed and working
poured love
into the veins
of hate and pride.
Awakened, refreshed,
reviving, providing
wisdom and

It is a time of Jesus
when the old crumbles
and all is silent
in front of Pilate
and the fearing crowd.

It is a time of Jesus
when matter waits
the hidden earth
and rests
in possibilities.

It is a time of Jesus
when no one knows
what’s next.

It is a time of Jesus
when the only surety
for now
is God.

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