Contemplating Jesus


Posted on by Lucinda M. Vardey

In Matthew’s gospel (7:22-28)  Jesus is adamant about what it takes to be his disciple.  It is not enough to recognize him and acclaim him with words because that does not do the work of creating the Kingdom of Heaven.   Instead discipleship requires skill, commitment, patience and obedient action.

Jesus cites, as an example, men in the process of building their houses: the house we can read as a metaphor for the self and state of being.   There’s the man who takes shortcuts, who looks to finish quickly, who is inattentive to the solidity of the foundation, who basically creates a “quick fix” edifice on sand.  But because he hasn’t thought ahead, because he didn’t foresee that he needed to make sure he could withstand all that life delivers – including the challenges that inevitably arrive – he falls, and Jesus says how great is his fall.    The other man who built his house on solid rock is able to survive the rain, floods and gales of life.

By insisting on acting on his words, Jesus invites us to understand his teachings by experiencing them.   In order to bring alive their wisdom and transformative power, they need to be decided upon as foundational and given time to grow and develop into a solid belief and way of being.

Building ourselves on the foundation of Jesus’ truth requires consciousness. Making the rock of his words a duty to live by, is, he confirms, the only way of discipleship.

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