Contemplating Jesus

Reflections on Encountering Him Then and Now

Detail from The Baptism of Christ (c.1448-50) by Piero Della Francesca

The gospels, as accounts of Jesus’ life, ministry, teachings and healings, are invaluable resources to contemplate the man and his message.  Doctrine that followed his death and resurrection — and the emergence of Christianity — also contributes to our understanding of how Jesus’ presence evolved and grew in souls and communities eventually spreading worldwide.  To this day the theological and spiritual exploration continues as vitally as before.  This web-log intends to combine contemporary ideas with the ancient story, to ponder Jesus’ evolution in a post-modern, pluralistic and scientific age and to invite a closer, more intimate relationship with his person, his spirit and his grace.

While speculation about his identity spread, Jesus asked his disciples, “Who do you say that I am?” (Mark 8: 28)  He later answered the question himself  — “I am the way, the truth and the life.” (John 14:6).   This self description by Jesus provides the three category themes under which reflections will be posted.

The Way

Paradoxical paths to growth, freedom and unadulterated peace.

James Tissot (l836-1902)  Each year at Christmas we remember and celebrate Jesus’ incarnation, the breaking through of God’s light in a ...

The Truth

Wisdom’s gifts revealed through knowledge, love, virtue and suffering.

    There was a time like now Before A time when God warned of earth’s great flood and Noah built an ark to wait for God’s ...

The Life

Vitality and illumination interwoven with Creation and the Cosmos.

French priest Vincent de Paul (l581-1660) who founded a society to care for the poor, summarized Jesus’ life as one of ...

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