Working Wisdom: the Ultimate Value in the New Economy
(l995 published by Stoddart Publishing Co. Limited, Toronto, Canada).

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After running the gamut of exhausting one-minute management strategies for change, companies and individuals are finally recognizing wisdom as the key resource in the Emerging Economy.

In a world of interdependent business relationships - between company and customer, employer and employee, and corporation and community - competitive ad advantage goes to those who are not only smart but also wise. Mastering change and building competence in a business world that demands greater innovation and more passionate customer service involves not more technology but more humanity, not more reengineering but more dehumanizing, not more specialized expertise but more integrated wisdom.

Drawing from his experiences as a self-employed business person with a multinational consulting practice, John Dalla Costa weaves together a working business model from the most current ideas about management and the most ancient insights into wisdom.

"...Accurately depicts... the confusion, disillusionment, and conversely, the possibility for the corporation and anew emerging business environment."
Richard Barlon, President, United States Customer Operations, Xerox Corp.

"an excellent review of our corporate age... A must-read - especially for those trying to survive in our corporate global- theater world."
Nelson Thall, Marshall McLuhan Centre for Media Sciences

John Dalla Costa serves on the board of several corporations and is a widely sought-after speaker on the issues of business renewal, personal growth, strategy, creativity, and human resource fulfillment. John and his wife divide their time between their homes in Toronto and Tuscany.

To order this book contact John Dalla Costa


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