From My Head to My Soul
A personal talk about radical change in career.
(l998 for Women in Networking, Guelph and Toronto)

Jesus as Guru: Experiencing Christ Through the Spiritual Practices of the East.
Discovering a deepening personal relationship with Christ through the practice of yoga and what was learnt through Hinduism and study and experiences at an ashram.
(l998 Regis College, Toronto School of Theology l999 Waterloo Catholic School Board Annual Retreat)

Defining Women's Spirituality Through Women's Prayers
Using material from The Flowering of the Soul book of women's prayers (published l999), an overview on the primary shared virtues of women who pray from all religions.
(l999 Leading Edge Seminar Group, Toronto)

The Voice of Women's Spirit
A more comprehensive talk about the language of women's spiritual understanding and experience through their prayers.
(l999 George Ignatieff Theatre, University of Toronto)

The Feminine Bearers of God
A talk on feminine mysticism, the Blessed Mother Mary and the heritage of divine embodiment. Especially suitable for the Feast of the Annunciation.
(l999 Newman Centre, University of Toronto 2000 The Catholic Biblical Society Toronto Chapter)

Informed Prayer, Prayerful Action
An short address for women on contemplation and action.
(200l Women's World Day of Prayer, England)

Beyond Therapy: Living a Spiritual Life
The steps required to move beyond the therapeutic understanding into a deeper conscious life.
(200l Anima International Conference, Toronto)

The Contemplative Self: Finding the Stillness in Action
Sponsored by a chaplaincy for nurses, this talk is suitable for caregivers and includes exercises.
(200l St. Elizabeth Centre for Homecare, Toronto)

Beyond Words: The Language of the Feminine Spirit
A full lecture on the ways and means by which the collective divine feminine is emerging in our world through historical links, archetypical revelations, personal experiences and organizational reforms.
(2002 St Jerome's University, Waterloo, Ontario)

Christianity Embodying the Eastern Traditions
An exploration into Christ's mysticism through the Buddhist, Hindu and Taoist perspectives. (2004 Regis College, Toronto)


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