The Flowering of the Soul: A Book of Prayers by Women
(l999 published by Ballantine US, Knopf Canada, Random House Australia.
2002 re-issued in trade paperback by Beacon Press, Boston).

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A unique anthology of nearly a thousand prayers, edited and introduced by the writer and spiritual teacher Lucinda Vardey. In this remarkable collection, the prayers of more than two hundred women from thirteen different religions and many diverse cultures have been gathered together for the first time.

Organized around the stages of a woman's prayer life, The Flowering of the Soul is an invaluable tool for women in their own spiritual practice. In addition, the book's introduction provides one of the most complete histories of women's teaching on prayer.

The Flowering of the Soul provides all women who pray, or want to pray with a collective feminine spiritual wisdom that can be drawn on and shared. Women, of whatever background, will find comfort and common ground in these pages.

Review Quotes (from US hardcover and Canadian editions)

"A beautiful and graceful collection"
-- Publisher's Weekly

"A rich treasure house"
-- Praying Magazine USA

"An impressive collection"
-- The Catholic Register

"Remarkable.... brimming with compassion, common sense, and grace... these prayers offer a heartfelt prayer for practically every occasion, every facet of soul, every movement of the Spirit."
-- Spiritual Book News

"In reading these prayers (or better still, praying them) it is easy to sense the encompassing presence of the Divine."
-- Prof. Margaret Brennan in the Catholic New Times

"a reach treasury... This collection is a great resource for women and men for both personal and public prayer.... A valuable contribution to the literature of women's spirituality."
-- Anglican Journal

"There is a beauty in this unusual but wonderful book that I have never seen in any book before.
-- The County Chronicle

"Every aspect of my being felt uplifted, inspired, and nurtured by the prayers in this book. All women will find peace, solace, and joy here."
-- Christine Northrup, M.D., author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom

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