Magnificence At Work: Living Faith in Business
(2005 published by Novalis, Toronto, Canada).

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Ethical Imperative"John Dalla Costa brings forth the best of business theory and practice, theological insight and spiritual discernment in a unique synthesis that generates new kinds of ideas and practices for corporate life. Dalla Costa does not impose a religious language upon business experience, but helps the reader to see that such experiences have within it religious meaning."

Michael J. Naughton, John A. Ryan Institute for Catholic Social Thought, University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN

"John Dalla Costa has long been a passionate and credible advocate for a 21st-century corporate ethos that integrates business and spiritual imperatives. This scholarly and deeply spiritual book explores that theme from a Christian perspective. Highly recommended for anyone seeking deeper connections between their faith and work."

Dr. Sandy Cotton, co-author of Passionate Visionary: Leadership Lessons of the Apostle Paul

"Magnificence at Work springs from the cutting edge of contemporary global civilization in the person of John Dalla Costa. The author is the instrument of the contemporary Spirit, leading us to yearn for a goal far beyond "vocation" in work, and beyond successful ethical business. An inspiring and practical book that will open the reader's soul to what was already there: the yearning for Magnificence!"

Leonard Swidler, Professor of Catholic Thought & Interreligious Dialogue, Temple University, and Founder-Director of the Institute for Interreligious, Intercultural Dialogue

Work matters profoundly to faith. It is where we practice integrity, fulfilling responsibilities for productivity with those of Christian discipleship.

Yet the challenge is for more than spirituality at work. We are called to make work a spiritual practice - a form of praise and prayer by which what we do for a living satisfies the deepest needs of our souls.

The integration of morality and strategy opens possibilities for magnificence. This is management as it is meant to be: achieving great results that are inherently good; raising beauty and fairness as well as productivity and returns; taking risks to create not only worth but also what is worthy, liberating and of joy to the soul.

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