Group Discussion Guidelines for the Book "Being Generous"

  1. Take turns telling a story about how you have experienced generosity – some small or special situation that exemplifies for you the possibilities of “being generous.”
    1. How does this story fit within the themes from the book?
    2. Is there anything about the experience that you see differently after reading the book?
  1. What do you appreciate as particular qualities or gifts of your reading group or book club?
    1. What do you receive from each other?
    2. What do you wish to acknowledge that you appreciate from each member?
  1. What was most familiar to you about generosity while reading the book, or what was most surprising?
    1. What do you wish the people around you could come to understand about generosity?
    2. What have you learned that you would like to apply yourself?
  1. Is there anything that you bring to, or take away from, your time together that could be seen as an example of “circulating?”
    1. Is there something you could do or change as a group to practice “being generous” among yourselves?
    2. Is there something you could do or change as a group to practice “being generous” in your community?


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